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Little girls love to act all grown up and play girls games that make them feel like mommy. Dressup games and cooking games are popular with the youngest girls as they act out the things that happen around them on a daily basis. Getting ready to go to work with a pair of mom's high heels and some chunky jewelry can provide entertainment for one girl or a group of friends over to play.

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Pretend cooking games are always fun with a little make believe kitchen stocked with pretend food and dry goods that look real. Girls can pretend to go shopping for the groceries and organize their kitchens just so, to be able to cook a great dinner for the pretend family. It's easy to give girls the fantasy kitchen that they will love cooking and serving in. Recycle old pots and pans by including them with their toy ones to mix things up a bit and make things more realistic. You can even use boxes that dry foods have come in and seal up the empty boxes to include in the play kitchen for more realistic girls games. They can even incorporate dressup games with an apron and chef's hat for the ultimate cooking experience.

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Girls that love to play dressup games will appreciate a box full of old costume jewelry for accessorizing their outfits. When they play girls games like this, nothing is too over the top. The more jewelry and outrageous outfit pieces they have, the more they become involved in their play. Games of make believe such as dressing up and cooking games are a good way for girls to try out the waters of being a grown up in the safety of play. They will develop strong imaginations and a good sense of self when they are free to make up their fantasy scenarios and act them out.

Boys can also join in on girl's games by taking an active part in cooking games and dressup games. It can be great fun when there is a group of children playing games together that develop partnerships and imagination. Children feed off each other's ideas and can make fantasy play very creative and interesting when there is a mixed group playing together. The more accessories there are to choose from, the more ideas the kids generate to enjoy their time together.

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